Buddha-Media Logo

DESIGN is our ART and our PASSION

We are a small team of Freelancer and our goal is to create what you need. We develop Websites, Pages and Profiles for EVERYONE and we love to support Artists around the World in the big field of New Media.

Buddha-Media was founded by Ralf Bayer:

Webdesigner, Social-Media Consultant, Creative Director and Founder of Buddha-Media

Born and raised in Germany

After school years and community service, i started my business career in the entertainment sector:

  • DJ for 10 years in the 80’s and 90’s
  • passionate Musician (guitar, piano & more) and Coach
  • Media-Consultant (Rockland-Radio & more) and Sales-Excecutive
  • Certified Master/Bachelor of Trade/Commerce (CCI)
  • Entertainment-Manager (WOM-World Of Music, Media-Markt & more) for 15 years

Since 2006 Resident and Freelancer in Mallorca // Spain